Written by Christopher Lee

Last published at: January 24th, 2023

ClassLink ( is a suite of products purchased in Spring '22 to assist in: rostering digital resources (apps\digital text\etc), account management, Single-Sign On (SSO), and enhanced account protection (MFA).


Table contains listing of services\resources that utilize ClassLink Roster.

Name Purpose Date Implemented
Raptor Technologies Security application May '22
Edgenuity Classroom Resource June '22
Ed : Your Friend in Learning (HMH) Classroom Resource June '22
ThinkCentral (HMH) Classroom Resource June '22
Seesaw Classroom Resource August '22
Google (CAPS Alias) Classroom Resource August '22

Account Management

The District creates many accounts for staff and student usage in various systems.

The District makes a large attempt to sync passwords between accounts to limit number of passwords staff/students need to remember. See Account Reference below for listing.


  • Creation 
    • Student accounts typically created within 24 hours of start of enrollment 
      • Many solutions used only sync once a day and cannot create account until student has active enrollment 
    • Staff accounts typically created morning of start date 
  • Disable 
    • Student accounts typically are disabled within 24 hours of enrollment ending 
    • Best practice is to use Google Takeout 
    • Request for temporary 24 hour access can be requested via Helpdesk 
      • *Note* once student has been gone for 6 months account maybe deleted and data will be unrecoverable. 
    • Staff accounts are typically disabled within 24 hours of last day. 
  • Deletion 
    • The district is moving to deleting account after 6 months after staff/student have left.

Account Reference

Cheat sheet page for various software and applications used in the district, and which login credentials are expected for each site or application.


  • District username is generally your first initial followed by last name.  Middle initial may be used as a tiebreaker if that username already exists.
  • LaunchPad username
    • Staff: <districtusername>
    • Student: <districtusername>
  • User created means whatever password you created for that account.
  • Synced indicates password that is maintained the same between systems (source is typically Active Directory (AD))
Software, Site, or Device Username Password Forgot? Notes
PC District username Synced MyAccount
MacBook District username User created MyAccount Syncs to device using Nomad.
Chromebook Google e-mail address ( Synced MyAccount
ClassLink (SSO) LaunchPad username Synced  MyAccount

Outlook 365 E-mail LaunchPad username Synced MyAccount
Infinite Campus District username Synced MyAccount
Canvas District username User created MyAccount
Frontline (web) Frontline-specific username Synced Reset using Frontline forgot username or password option
Frontline (kiosk) Phone number Employee ID (PIN) Contact Human Resources if phone number changes
Web Help Desk District username Synced MyAccount
Central Duplicating District username Synced MyAccount
SpEdForms Department created username User created Use forgot password option on SpEdForms login page
SchoolWires (district website) District username Synced MyAccount
Room Booking System District username User created MyAccount

Google e-mail address (

Synced MyAccount
Adobe Software Google e-mail address ( Synced MyAccount

Single-Sign On (SSO)

ClassLink LaunchPad is central portal to access many school resources behind a single login.

Table contains listing of services\resources that are supported by LaunchPad.

LaunchPad Only

As some apps are converted to SSO they may only be logged in via LaunchPad links\processes.  These apps will be noted by yellow highlighting of name.

Name Purpose User Group Date Implemented
SeeSaw Classroom Communication K5 Students & Staff Oct '22
IXL (Elem) Classroom Resource K5 Students & Staff Sept '22
Meet The Teacher Conferences Staff August '22
Ed : Your Friend in Learning (HMH) Classroom Resource

Limited to those in courses.

High School

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Modern World History
  • Physics
June '22
Infinite Campus Student Information  Staff Dec '22
Skyward HR / Finance Staff Jan '22



Account Security (MFA)

Account Security measures are becoming more and more important in every fasciate of ones digital presence.  

Educational institutes are being targeted more and more mostly because of the following:

  • Large amounts of data (student\parent\staff)
  • Many possible ways to access part of all data
  • Limited resources\training to prevent attacks\compromises

As result many insurance companies that provide Cyber Insurance are requiring systems to be protected by multi-factor \ 2-factor authentication (MFA\2FA).  Districts current plan is to implement MFA for staff to ClassLink Launchpad and vulnerable services by end of SY ‘22-’23. More details will be communicated as implementation is done via staff email and this page.

MFA Implementation Status - Informational

April '22 Newsletter - General MFA information

December '21 Newsletter - General MFA information


MFA User Settings - Setup

To properly use MFA you will need to have at least one sign-in method setup.


You may find an email registered.  You may remove this and enter a personal address if desired.



To setup sign-in methods visit MFA Portal either via 365 - MFA Portal located in Employee Self Service of ClassLink LaunchPad or at

  1. Click “Add Sign-In Method”
  2. Select desired method to setup and complete prompts
  3. Once at least one method configured select desired default sign-in method

    1. This will vary depending on what methods are setup.
      App based authentication is more secure then call/text.