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iPad - SaberWireless Privacy Warning

Implemented Fall '23   Why does the SabersWireless connection display a Privacy Warning? In iOS 14 Apple implemented a privacy feature that randomizes the device address (Media Access Control (MAC) address) iPhones and iPads share to wireless networks instead of the factory set MAC. More details on this feature can be found in Apple Article: "Use pr...

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Overview Account Security measures are becoming more and more important in every facet of ones digital presence.   Educational institutes are being targeted more and more mostly because of the following: Large amounts of data (student\parent\staff) Many possible ways to access part of all data Limited resources\training to prevent attacks\compromise...

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Assign Extension to Phone - Temporarily

Examples of when to do this: using a conference room and want/need to receive call to your extension need to call from a phone that does not have long distance rights Delete Warning It is important that you un-assign your extension once completed. If not done can lead to issues with calls going to wrong phone and possible emergency response issues. ...

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Compromised shakopee.k12.mn.us Account

The following steps should be completed after an Office 365 e-mail (shakopee.k12.mn.us) account has been compromised.  Change your account password through the Microsoft portal:  myaccount.microsoft.com Note You will need to update this password wherever it may be used:  Any email application (Outlook, Mail, etc)  Any personal device that connects t...

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District Internet

Overview Shakopee Schools currently has a 10GB connection to the Internet.  This is broken down into two main connection types: hardline and WiFi. Hardline: Only district approved systems (printers, phones, approved Point of Sale (POS) systems, HVAC, cameras, desktop systems/etc). WiFi: Two wireless frequencies used: 2.4GHs and 5GHZ 5GHz is currentl...

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Apple TV

Overview District has standardized on Apple TVs as screen sharing solution of District devices to Visual Aids (Projectors/TVs). Currently there are three (3) models deployed throughout District rooms. Delete Connecting to Apple TV Warning Older personal Apple devices may be unable to connect to District deployed Apple TVs due to deployment configura...

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ClassLink LaunchPad

Overview LaunchPad provides a single location to access district resources from SIS\HR\Classroom resources to job role/special project links.  There is a web portal and iOS app. Shakopee Schools LaunchPad URL is  https://launchpad.classlink.com/shakopee Many apps will support a single sign on and list will be maintained here:  https://techtools.shak...

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Cybersecurity Awareness

General In our uber-connected world, it seems like cybercriminals and malicious links creep around every corner. News stories of ransomware attacks and data breaches costing millions of dollars fly past our feeds almost constantly. We get it; it can be overwhelming. With so much information bombarding us, it can be hard to focus on the right actions...

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Outlook District Distribution Groups

Overview  Groups are at the core of how district staff/students communicate/secure content, at last count there are over 2000 groups providing email \ file security (local and Google Drive) \ App assignment \ digital resource access \ and more.  Since there is such importance on group membership and the number of groups being able to logically add\r...

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Infinite Campus for Families

Overview  Infinite Campus is available for parents and guardians. As a supporter of your child’s education, it is important that you have your own Parent Portal account so you can better participate and monitor in the educational process with real-time access to your student’s information, including: Absence Requests Attendance Records Bus routes Re...

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Shared Mailbox

Shared mailboxes are used when multiple people need access to the same mailbox, such as a company information or support email address, reception desk, or other function that might be shared by multiple people. Users with permissions to the group mailbox can send as or send on behalf of the mailbox email address if the administrator has given that u...

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District School Photos

Overview Staff and Student pictures are provided by photographer every school year.  They are accessible by ClassLink LaunchPad. Delete Staff Staff should take new pictures annually to ensure ID Badge is accurate and current. Info District maintains archive of last 2 years of staff photos. Delete Classroom Elementary schools will have pictures avail...

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Overview FrontRow is an Audio-Visual (AV) integration system that allows users to control their projector/TV and classroom audio system using simple, user friendly controls. Info As of School Year '20-'21 FrontRow systems are standard for replacement and future classroom needs. FrontRow installations are modular and can vary in configuration / capab...

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Infinite Campus Security Measures

Overview Infinite Campus (IC) offers several security features to help districts secure data. Fall '21 implemented login notice (email) Spring '22 implemented Prohibit Passwords That Have Been Previously Disclosed in a Data Breach Delete Login notice (email) I mplemented following security measure in fall '21 for Shakopee Schools IC Portal is a logi...

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ClassLink LaunchPad - App Libraries

Overview An App Library is curated collection of Apps in ClassLink LaunchPad that staff / students may choose to add at any time, in addition these apps can be removed from your LaunchPad when no longer needed.     Using App Libraries Login to ClassLink LaunchPad Click on the + to open App Library List of App Libraries you have access will be displa...

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Mitel Voicemail

General There are four types of accounts used in Shakopee Schools: Direct Dial  Only type that dials directly to room or office from outside of schools Common with Principals and Administrators  Full  4 digit phone extension and voicemail numbers are same Can dial directly to classrooms from inside schools Common in elementary classrooms and dedicat...

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Overview Onshape is a professional-grade, cloud-native CAD platform that students and educators can access on any device, anywhere, anytime. https://www.onshape.com/en/education/     Student Login Class Roster Teacher must first roster you into a course before can login.     MacBook Navigate to https://shakopee.onshape.com/ Click “Sign in with Googl...

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ClassLink (https://www.classlink.com/k-12/overview) is a suite of products purchased in Spring '22 to assist in: rostering digital resources (apps\digital text\etc), account management, Single-Sign On (SSO), and enhanced account protection (MFA). Rostering Table contains listing of services\resources that utilize ClassLink Roster. Name Purpose Date ...

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ClassLink LaunchPad - Password Locker

Overview A Password Locker is just how it sounds, a safe space to store your credentials. Just like magic, it allows you to log in to your online resources with one click!  ✔️ You can assign multiple lockers to an app. If an app has more than one assigned locker, you'll be prompted for the desired locker whenever you launch the app.     Setting pass...

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Ed: Your Friend in Learning (HMH)

Ed is an online learning system that combines the best of technology, content and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience with HMH programs for every teacher and student. Ed is designed to be a friend to learners while supporting teachers and simplifying their instructional practice. Login LaunchPad Portal Navigate to LaunchP...

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Google Voice

Google Voice would be a  paid  service for district accounts. (There was a time in the past when it was free and there may be some staff with legacy accounts). It can be obtained as a free service if you  have or create a personal gmail account . That is our recommendation at this time; the district does not presently have a funding option to suppor...

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Google - 3rd Party Apps

Overview As of October 23rd, 2023 Usage of 3rd Party apps needs to be reviewed to ensure in line with District usage.     To help you safely share your data, Google lets you give third-party apps and services access to different parts of your Google Account. Third-party apps and services are created by companies or developers that aren’t Google.  Fo...

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Managed Groups

Overview When unable to create a group based on logical values (job assignments, enrollments, etc) Technology can setup a process for requesting group/department to manage via a Google Sheet. Automatic membership based on Google Sheet works for District staff, student, and contractor accounts.   Outside membership is still being fully worked out but...

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Email Security Features

General To enhance security and help prevent being compromised by phishing via email following are features enabled in respective services: Office 365 (shakopee.k12.mn.us) Google (shakopeeschools.org)   Office 365 (K12) Quarantine Messages suspected or seen from blocked senders are sent here Check out Release Quarantined Messages Unauthenticated sen...

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Infinite Campus for Students

Overview Infinite Campus is District's selected application for: Student Information System (SIS) Data source for student and classroom data which syncs to software applications and services     Login ClassLink Login As of , 2023 all students authenticate via ClassLink.   Infinite Campus Portal (Direct) Login Access portal at: https://shakopeemn.inf...

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Content Filtering

Filtering Vendor Switch District has moved from LightSpeed Relay to Linewize Connect as of June 2023.   Overview As part of federal/state requirements (ie. CIPA) district provided internet must filtered to keep students safe while using the Internet. Regardless of solution in use standard filtering policy is the same across all devices, with the goa...

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Mitel Connect - Manage Availability State

With Mitel Connect you can manage how calls are routed depending on your availability state. Configure an availability state Open Mitel Conntect App Click the 3 dots to right of your info Click Preferences \ Settings Click Call Routing Select desired Availability to setup/modify To setup an Availability for the first time highly recommended to walk ...

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Canvas - Managing Approved Integrations

Most integrations rely on a token these typically have no expiration and rely on user to remove when needed such as: Getting a new device (iPad) Password change to prevent old sessions staying active Process In your browser, login to Canvas using the Canvas website: https://shakopee.instructure.com/. Click the Account icon. In the Canvas Account tab...

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Follett Destiny

Overview Follett Destiny / Destiny Discover ®  provides one discovery interface for students and educators to search and access all your print and digital resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive books, as well as free and paid subscription databases. As of April 2023 district maintains a collection around 55k titles between physical...

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Sub Plans in Google Shared Drive

Overview To better support both casual and long term substitute teachers in accessing material a standard set-up of Google Shared Drives has been implemented.  Goal is to have a similar experience for subs across the district no matter which building they are working in. More info on what Google Shared Drives are and how differ from My Drive can be ...

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Overview Gain fluency and confidence in math! IXL helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built in support, and motivating awards. https://www.ixl.com/math   Teacher Sign in Access Report  \ Management Login to ClassLink LaunchPad - Instructions can be found here: https://techtools.shakopeescho...

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Overview MackinVIA™ is a program that makes it easy to access your school’s digital resources. You can use MackinVIA on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with Internet access.   Login You can visit the MackinVIA via ClassLink LaunchPad > Books, eBooks, & Audiobooks > MackinVIA app.  You can also access via following: Go to https://www....

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Host a 3-way Conference Call

Following guide walks through making a 3-way call. Pick up your handset or press the speaker button to get a dial tone. Call the extension or phone number of your first conference call attendee. After they pick up the phone, ask them to hold on while you contact the other attendees. Press the Conference button your phone, then you should hear a dial...

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Overview This is the Scott County Library's one-stop shop for eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines.     Student Login Login to ClassLink LaunchPad: https://launchpad.classlink.com/Shakopee   Locate Libby (SSO) app in Books, eBooks, & Audiobooks folder Upon 1st launch will be prompted for you Virtual Student Library Card (VSCL) and PIN, Enter and C...

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Remote Support - Splashtop SOS

Splashtop SOS is a remote support tool to provide screen control, file transfer, and other functions. A tech might ask you to use Splashtop SOS to help troubleshoot a technology issue remotely. It is installed on all district managed Macs by default. Splashtop SOS can't be used without your permission. You will always know when a tech is remotely vi...

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Overview What is phishing? Phishing is the process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity using bulk email which tries to evade spam filters.Emails claiming to be from popular social web sites, banks, auction sites, or IT administrators are commonly ...

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Google Chrome - Cache issues

What are the different refresh\reload process supported by Google Chrome and how is cache involved? Refresh/Reload button Classic and most commonly used, fine for 98% of uses Uses local cache (if not expired) to reduce bandwidth usage and speed up user access Keyboard commands: Windows: Ctrl + r / F5 macOS: Command + r Force Reload Forces browser to...

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Outlook: Contact Lists VS Distribution Groups

Limitation Outlook Contact Lists (previously Contact Groups) are limited to platform they are created in. In other words, a Contact group created on Outlook for Mac is limited to Outlook for Mac and can not be shared with Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Web. Not easily moved between systems Since not synced between platforms when a device is swap...

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Adobe Fonts

Overview Adobe Fonts, your typeface choice is shared across all of the Creative Cloud apps. You won’t have to worry about corrupted fonts, since fonts are loaded directly from the cloud. And best of all, this is a free library when you’re subscribed to the cloud. Delete Navigating Installed Fonts Open Creative Cloud App Navigate to Adobe Fonts by cl...

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Mailbox Delegation

FAQ What is mailbox delegation? Similar to having an assistant that helps you manage your incoming paper mail, another person, known as a delegate, can receive and respond to email messages and meeting requests and responses on your behalf. You can also grant the delegate additional permissions to read, create, or change items in your Microsoft Exch...

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Google Drive

Overview Google Drive is a cloud file storage service within Google Workspace accessed through district Google accounts  (user@shakopeeschools.org).   There are two main types of drives within Google Drive. My Drive My Drive is a personal Google Drive.  It should be used as primary storage for temp. work, school assignments, and other media when pos...

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Overview Shakopee Public Schools will offer a limited quantity of Verizon\T-Mobile internet access hotspots Reserved for students in grades 6-12 as part of our 1:1 device use and K-8 Online students. Students/Parents can work with building administration to request a hotspot Optional Home Internet Resources can be found: shakopee.k12.mn.us > Pare...

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