2021-2022 Technology Info

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: August 27th, 2021

2021-2022 Technology Info - New Staff & Reminders

HELP & HOW TO                                                                                                                 



STAFF Logins:

User name:   1st letter of first name + last name

Password: (New Staff default) 1st letter of first name capitalized, 1st letter of last name lowercase & 6 digit Birth date (i.e.Jd021304). 

STUDENT Logins:      

Username:  ID Number

Initial Password:  1st letter of students first name capitalized, 1st letter of students last name lowercase & 6 digit Birth date (i.e.Jd021304)


SabersWireless - District devices should automatically connect or authenticate to SabersWireless network.  Personal staff devices can also connect; this should generate a prompt for your district username and password.

SabersPublic - Used for personal devices, guests, and basically anything that is not a district-owned or sponsored device.  After connecting, a screen should pop up (in the Internet browser, such as Safari or Chrome) to acknowledge terms for use of the network; click Accept to continue.


Home Folder on the district file server: My Documents, '720staff\StaffHome' (P:) or Username Drive mounted on a MacBook desktop.  You are currently limited to 600 MB of space.  Once you reach the maximum limit of space, you will receive a warning and will no longer be able to save. 

Network drives:  New_Staff Share on '720 Staff'  or New_StaffShare is where documents can be saved to share with members of your staff, grade level or dept.   PC Only: StudentShare on '720student" (K:) is where students can save or access shared documents & files.  StudentHome on '720student' (R:) is where students home folders are located.  They are organized by graduation year & ID #. Saving and sharing documents through Google Drive is recommended, though, since it is more consistent across devices (PC, Mac, iPad, Chromebook).

The Google Drive application (previously File Stream) is the preferred software for accessing Google Drive files.  At this point no staff should still be running Google Backup & Sync software.

It is also worth reviewing the article on Google Drive.



Using Central Duplicating Services is encouraged for larger print jobs!


Add Printer on a MacBook


Add Printer on a PC: Go to - Windows Start button, Devices and Printers, Add a Printer, Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer, Select from the list.

If printer is NOT on list, click "The printer that I want isn't listed", Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature, Click Next, Click Name to sort alphabetically, scroll to find printer, double click to add, Yes or No for default printer, Next & Finish.

Add a Printer - Windows 10

Students can only print to lab or print release station enabled printers.  Staff who log in as themselves to student devices to add unauthorized printers for students are violating our procedures.

Staff and students using MacBooks at home are able to add a ; we have made drivers available for the major manufacturers.


BLACKBOARD (formerly SCHOOLWIRES) is our online web content portal.  Staff should review the Teacher Website Guide.

CANVAS is the district's Learning Management System (LMS). 

CENTRAL DUPLICATING is the district duplicating service.  DO NOT print anything over 10 pages on building printers. 

EMAIL:  For e-mail we use Microsoft Outlook.  There is also a web mail version to use at home or off site. Links are located on the District Web Site, Staff Resources.  Email addresses: Username + @shakopee.k12.mn.us. Ex. (twillmse@shakopee.k12.mn.us) Technology provides district email school groups, such as: Building, Certified, NonCertified and Everyone.  These are found through the Outlook Global Address List.  


    • Absence Management (Aesop) - Submit time off requests.
    • Time & Attendance (Veritime) - Record daily attendance (clock in and out)
    • Professional Learning Management - Sign up for courses, track professional growth hours, and view compliance videos and training.

INFINITE CAMPUS is our district-wide Student Information System along with HR/Finance. Teachers & Staff can manage attendance, grades, schedules, test scores and other information about students.  All employees can access the Employee Self Service module which will allow access to personal employment information like paychecks & leave balances.  Login with regular username and password.

INTERNET FILTERING: Our Internet filter is Lightspeed Relay.  



Do NOT give a parent or post on-line the number to your classroom phone.  It must go through the office first.

SELF SERVICE (MacBook users) allows users to install optional software or update existing programs.

SKYWARD: Our HR and Finance system is Skyward.  Your login is your usual district username and password. 



**Shortcuts are not installed by Technology.  Users can create shortcuts by:

  • PC:  a.) Find application in Start, All Programs b.) Right click c.) Select Send To, Desktop (create shortcut)

  • MacBook:  Best practice is to add shortcuts to your Dock.  Open Finder window that contains application, file or folder, Click the item, Drag the icon onto the Dock.

Chrome Bookmarks: Google Chrome should have a bookmark bar folder called Shakopee Bookmarks that includes commonly used district sites.