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Reserving a Room or Equipment

This article attempts to summarize the various methods for which staff can reserve a room or technology equipment. rSchool - Room BookingUsed for all district rooms and locations with several exceptions noted below. Assistance with a facilities account or reservation should be directed to the Community Education department.   District-wide calendar ...

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Meet the Teacher - Staff

Meet the Teacher is a site the district uses for Conference scheduling and for Connect and Assess days. Vendor general documentation for teachers.  Teacher Guide. Logging In If you have a rostered class in Infinite Campus and are attached to a class as a teacher, than the system should recognize you.  If you do not have a rostered class, we will nee...

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Hitachi Projector Warning Lights

This article covers common warning or status indicator lights for Hitachi projectors.  May not apply universally to all models; these are the most common indicators. Providing indicator light information can be very helpful when submitting a ticket for projector issues. Power Light Lamp Light Temperature Light Description Orange Off Off Standby mode...

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Software Subscriptions

This page should still be considered a rough draft and will be refined as we pursue our software review process. BrainPop BrainPop has educational videos for a variety of subject areas.  The audience for this site is K-8 students. Common Sense Media overview of BrainPop Student Login: Students should use the Clever portal  and their default username...

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iPad Core and Auto-Installed Apps

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year the tech department surveyed teaching staff to find out what the most commonly requested apps are. Those apps are reflected below and will be updated every year based on feedback. Core Apps can be installed in a bundle by tapping the web link named "Elementary Apps" or "Core Apps" (middle schools). Safari opens,...

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Canvas for Parents

Canvas  is Shakopee's Learning Management System. Teachers use Canvas to post announcements, deliver materials, and collect digital work from students. Students to submit assignments, take quizzes, participate in discussion boards, access resources, and track their to-do list. Canvas is used in grades 6-12, Shakopee Online, and some elementary class...

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Technology Department Newsletters

Archive of technology department newsletters that are occasionally (usually monthly or as needed) sent out to staff. Staff Tech Newsletter - March 2023 Staff Tech Newsletter - January 2023 Staff Tech Newsletter - October 2022 Staff Tech Newsletter - August 2022 Staff Tech Newsletter - June 2022 Staff Tech Newsletter - April 2022 Staff Tech Newslette...

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Seesaw for Families

Seesaw is an online tool that we use primarily in early childhood and elementary grades.  It is a space for teachers to share assignments with students which also allows parents to participate in seeing what students are doing.  It is also a helpful tool for communication. Seesaw was used extensively for remote learning due to staff and students alr...

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Seesaw for Students

Notes for students (and anyone helping students) on how to use Seesaw. Seesaw Help Site Signing into Seesaw Video and notes for signing into Seesaw using student's school email account. Delete Posting to your own journal Video and notes for posting to to your own journal in Seesaw Delete Respond to a Seesaw activity Video and notes for responding to...

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Paraeducator Device Requests

This article explains the device allocation requirements for paraeducators. Devices are allocated based on job function, curriculum need, and sustainability over time.   The specific daily tasks of a paraeducator can vary quite a bit depending on the classroom setting in which they work, the students they assist, and the expectations of the teacher(...

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Outlook for Mac: Teams Meeting on Invites

Some users of Outlook on Mac may experience an issue where a new calendar meeting invite automatically adds an unwanted Microsoft Teams meeting. To try to resolve this, please complete the following steps. In Outlook, click on the menu called Outlook and then click Preferences. In the Outlook Preferences window, click on Calendar. In the Calendar wi...

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Google Meet for Students

Notes and videos for common Google Meet usage for students. Sign in to Google Meet (iPad) Notes and translations. Student Sign In to Google Meet.pdf Student Sign In to Google Meet-spanish.pdf Student Sign In to Google Meet-somali.pdf Delete...

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Meet the Teacher - Parents

Meet the Teacher is a site the district uses for Conference scheduling and for Connect and Assess days. Logging In Start at the Meet the Teacher login page for Shakopee Public Schools. Parents/guardians in the primary household can log in and be matched to a student using their exact first and last name, the student's first and last name, and the st...

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Turning Off “Hide IP” on iPad Safari

The "Hide IP Address" setting for Safari browser may cause connection issues with sites such as Amplify, PebbleGo, Brittanica, and potentially others. To change the setting, start in the Settings app and scroll down to Safari. In the Safari settings, scroll down to the Hide IP address setting.   The default setting is "From Trackers".  Tap that sett...

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iPad ScreenTime Settings

Parents have the option to set up Screen Time restrictions on a student iPad.  If set up incorrectly or with too many restrictions, it may make the device less functional as the learning tool it is intended to be.  It also is not a replacement for our web filter; the filtering we use is more specifically tailored to curriculum needs and overall safe...

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Infinite Campus Messenger

Delete Info Messages will be sent from generic email (donotreply@shakopeemn.mg.infinitecampus.org). Best practice to include course and signature block to allow parents to relate message to child. Infinite Campus includes functionality to send out messages to a variety of audiences. Notes below include support documents that thoroughly cover the use...

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Microsoft Home Use Program

There are currently two programs we are aware of for reduced cost or free access to Microsoft products, depending on your needs. The Microsoft Home Use Program is an option for discounted purchasing (currently a 30% discount) of Office 365 software and all the benefits a paid subscription entails. The Office 365 Education option is available for stu...

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Google Meet Troubleshooting

This article collects various notes for troubleshooting issues with Google Meet sessions. Also see: Google Meet cheat-sheet Audio and Video Settings If you're having video or audio issues in Google Meet, try changing your settings.  Here is Google's help article - https://support.google.com/meet/answer/9302964 Step by Step Guide 1. Browse to  https:...

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Connect to Network Drives or Shares

There are two common ways to connect to a network drive on a Mac.  For the majority of users, the first method through NoMAD will work.  For users with additional access to network drives, the second method may be necessary. Delete Local Drive Connections Note that these methods only work on-site or for staff who have been given VPN access and have ...

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Central Duplicating (WebCRD)

Overview Central Duplicating is housed at District Office at 1200 Shakopee Town Square.   Central Duplicating offers following services: Printing Standard / Heavy Paper Various colors Binding Glue / Spiral Punch Punch ring binder holes Cutting Cut sheets to desired sizes Delete Login Central Duplicating portal can be accessed on and off District net...

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Set an Alarm on iPad

It can be useful for students to set alarms on their iPad to remind them to attend certain classes, services, or complete schoolwork. Apple support notes on setting an alarm....

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PrintRelease (Konica MFPs)

Overview Notice As of January 2022 we are replacing all of the Canon MFP devices with similarly outfitted Konica devices. This page features notes on usage and features of Konica Minolta copiers.  Usage Login via Username/Password or RFID Card (requires initial registration of card) Features Printing, Scanning Info Typically there are two (2) Konica...

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Google Takeout

How to retain a copy of Google data using the Takeout archiving process. Delete Staff Takeout As of March 25, 2021 Takeout has been disabled for staff.  For assistance in moving personal data from district Google Drive contact the help desk. Staff are responsible for ensuring no files they take with them contain personal student or district specific...

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Technology Help Resources

Technology questions can take many forms, and this page is intended to help guide you to the most effective and efficient outcome for your question. Staff who may assist with technology questions Building Technology ParaEducators All general technology functional and set-up questions.   Account set up or access for all systems (excluding any softwar...

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Mitel Connect

Overview Mitel Connect is application available for Windows and Macbooks that extend Mitel phone features to computer. Anyone with an assigned extension (which includes voicemail-only extensions) can use Mitel Connect. Common features used: Managing Voicemail (Personal / Workgroup) Forwarding calls using directory search Directory lookup Delete Warn...

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Software or Subscription Request

This article covers the rationale and processes for software and subscription requests.  Related to this is our current parent communication regarding Software and Sites We Use. A comprehensive collection of software and app titles in use throughout the district is being developed and can be found in the Software DataStudio. Why we need a process We...

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Infinite Campus student filtering level

These are steps for setting the Internet filtering level via Infinite Campus.   This is to be done only at the direction of building administration or designee.  Step by Step Guide 1. In Infinite Campus, go to the student record. 2. Go to the Unique Learner tab. 3.  Look for the drop down menu labeled "Filtering".  Choose from the three options curr...

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