Connected Learning Day (CoLD) Required Setup

For secondary teachers only

Written by Eric Hills

Last published at: January 3rd, 2023

If a Connected Learning Day is announced by the district, secondary teachers should create and post an independent assignment in Canvas for students to complete. 

Before a CoLD Day

1. Find your CoLD Home Page. By default, you should already have the CoLD Home Page template in your courses. Click on Pages>All Pages to find it. 

2. Edit your CoLD Home Page to include your name, course title, and email address. 


If you don't see the CoLD Home Page in your course, import the "CoLD Home Page Template" from Canvas Commons into your course(s). Follow these directions to locate and import content from Commons or watch the video below.

Video Directions for CoLD Setup

On a CoLD Day

If a Connected Learning Day is announced, these steps should be completed before the start of the school day. 

1. Set your CoLD Home Page as your Front Page. Go to Pages, click the 3 dots for your CoLD Home Page, and select "Use as Front Page." Students should see an animated image directing them to open Announcements. They can click on that animated image as well to get to Announcements.

2. Post an Announcement indicating what task(s) you want students to complete.

  • Keep your announcement simple, with clear and concise directions. 
  • Include "CoLD" and the date in your announcement title.
  • Link directly to any assignments or quizzes students will be expected to complete.
  • Be sure to include a check for understanding so you can track student progress.
  • If you are creating a graded Assignment or Quiz, put the due date in as the CoLD day so it is displayed on the Calendar.

Example Announcement:

Effective Announcements


Suggested Tech Tools for CoLD Assignments: