Email Security Features

Written by Christopher Lee

Last published at: July 21st, 2023


To enhance security and help prevent being compromised by phishing via email following are features enabled in respective services:

  • Office 365 (
  • Google (

Office 365 (K12)

  • Quarantine
  • Unauthenticated sender
    • Picture will appear as a '?'
      • When Microsoft can't not validate that sender is authenticate
    • "via" tag in From field ( via
      • When Microsoft detects sender as different from sending domain
  • First contact safety tip
    • When first time get a message from sender 
    • When don't often get messages from the sender
    • Process to prevent non-authenticated senders from impersonating email domain.
    • If you intend to use a server that will send as you must contact Technology for setup to allow messages to reach your audience.


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