Meet the Teacher - Family

Conference software notes for parents/guardians

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: October 13th, 2023

Meet the Teacher is a site the district uses for Conference scheduling and for Connect and Assess days.

Logging In

Start at the Meet the Teacher login page for Shakopee Public Schools.

Parents/guardians in the primary household can log in and be matched to a student using their exact first and last name, the student's first and last name, and the student's birth date.



Please note that it matches on exact names, so if it doesn't work at first you might try a more formal variation (such as David instead of Dave). 



If you do not have an Infinite Campus parent account you will not be able to sign up for conferences.  Please contact your students office to get information to create Infinite Campus parent account.


Those are the REQUIRED items; that is also what is shown in the example below. 

The email field is not required for login, but it IS required if you want a confirmation message emailed to you with the conference details.  


Scheduling a Conference

Pick a date (if multiple dates available) to look for a conference time.

Choose a booking method: 

  • Manual shows all available times.
  • Automatic asks for your availability and shows times that might work.

K-5: Usually you'll just see one teacher listed.

Secondary would see multiple staff listed depending on the student's schedule.

Translators are not guaranteed, but if you see that option you can check the box for translator request.

After choosing a time slot, a pop-up will note that the selection has been recorded.

Final screen will list the appointment(s) that have been made.

If the system has an email address for you or one was provided during login, a confirmation email will also be sent.