Reserving a Room or Equipment

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: June 12th, 2023

This article attempts to summarize the various methods for which staff can reserve a room or technology equipment.


Reservation System Updates

All options listed here will be phased out or heavily revised as of summer 2023 - the majority of reservations for rooms and some resources will be handled via the Eleyo - Facilities system.

rSchool - Room Booking

Used for all district rooms and locations with several exceptions noted below. Assistance with a facilities account or reservation should be directed to the Community Education department.  

District-wide calendar
Tutorial/Guide for using the scheduler  

  • High School during school hours (use MyReservations)
  • K-8 locations during school hours specified in Room Booking System
  • Building-specific rooms during school hours with their own Outlook calendar


myReservations - High School Room Booking

System used exclusively by the High School for rooms during the school day.  Assistance with accounts should be directed to the main office staff at the High School.  

myReservations login screen
Tutorial/Guides for using myReservations


Room Booking System - K-8 Rooms and Equipment

System used at K-8 buildings predominantly for Chromebook carts, speciality spaces, and certain school-specific equipment check-out.  If you need assistance with your login or account please submit a help desk ticket.

Room Booking System login

Day views for specific schools (useful also for noting what rooms or equipment are included for each building via this checkout/reservation system)

Eagle Creek
Red Oak
Sun Path


Outlook Calendar - Room Booking

To be updated; currently reviewing if we have any rooms still using Outlook Calendar reservation option.