Remote Support - Splashtop SOS

Written by Christopher Lee

Last published at: August 20th, 2021

Splashtop SOS is a remote support tool to provide screen control, file transfer, and other functions. A tech might ask you to use Splashtop SOS to help troubleshoot a technology issue remotely. It is installed on all district managed Macs by default. Splashtop SOS can't be used without your permission. You will always know when a tech is remotely viewing or controlling your computer.

Follow the steps below to open Splashtop SOS and allow screen recording access. Without screen recording access the tech can't control your computer. 

Open the Splashtop SOS app from Launchpad, Spotlight, or Applications.

On first launch Splashtop SOS will prompt for screen recording access. Select Allow.

Another dialog box will appear. Select Open System Preferences.

Once in System Preferences > Privacy > Screen Recording check the box next to Splashtop SOS. When prompted to quit, select Later. The application does not actually need to be restarted for screen recording access to work.

Go back to the main Splashtop SOS window. A 9-digit code will be displayed. Share the code with the tech helping you and they will be able to connect remotely.