District Internet

Written by Christopher Lee

Last published at: April 26th, 2022


Shakopee Schools currently has a 4GB connection to the Internet.  This is broken down into two main connection types: hardline and WiFi.


  • Only district approved systems (printers, phones, approved Point of Sale (POS) systems, HVAC, cameras, desktop systems/etc).


  • Two wireless frequencies used: 2.4GHs and 5GHZ
    • 5GHz is currently reserved for "SabersWireless" production WiFi
      • Used for District devices (iPads/MacBooks/Windows Laptops/ChromeBooks/AppleTVs/etc)
      • Secured via various security measures
    • 2.4GHz is used for "SabersPublic" guest/courtesy WiFi (Max Bandwidth: 500MB)  
      • Is best effort and could be disabled/throttled/limited if performance impacts production WiFi
      • Has been removed from classroom Access Points to reduce device congestion.
      • Refined Traffic Shaping to prevent impact on production network during school day (7AM - 3PM)

        • Priority:
          •  Collaborative services (Google Meet, Facetime, Cisco WebEx, etc)
        • High: 
          • Email \ Messsager apps \ General Web Traffic (80 / 443)
        • Default
          • Anything not classed
        • Low
          • High Data Usage Game sites (Nvidia/Steam/etc)


Specialty networks

  • To support various events and special needs Technology may create additional network

  • SabersEvent access 
    • Status: Implemented
    • Intent: Support either hardline or WiFi requests for events/special systems that need reliable Internet connection without touching any internal district systems.
    • Available by request through rental coordinator.
      • It is highly recommended to request hardline if event to have many guests as Access Points can become over populated and provide poor experience.

Staff Cellphones (Personal / District)



Never share your credentials for others to connect under your account.

  1. Could lead to data breach as credentials are linked to other services
  2. Almost impossible to resolve without creating new user account as other's devices will continue to connect with credentials until network is removed from their device(s)

  • Status: Implemented/Under Review
  • Intent is to support staff mobile phones connection within brick buildings for safety and security concerns.
  • Staff can connect personal devices under SabersEvent access by selecting SabersWireless and using staff credentials.
    • Best effort and could be disabled/throttled/limited if performance impacts production WiFi
Decision Tree
Select Device Type (Only Active District Staff)
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Add Button


Due to variations in Android versions following steps may vary.

Download District Certificate from District Google Shared Drive (must be logged in):

Navigate to:

Settings > Security or Settings > Security & Location > Encryption and Credentials > Certificate 

  • Install a certificate 
  • 'Open from' 
  • Device 
  • Downloads and install newly named CA cert (from previous step)

Navigate to:

 Available wireless network > SabersWireless > Complete with following:

  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSchapv2
  • CA Certificate: Select Certificate from previous step
  • Online Certificate Status: Do not validate
  • Domain: ISD720.COM
  • Identity: District username (email address without @shakopee.k12.mn.us)
  • Anonymous identity: leave blank
  • Password: District password

Now connected to SabersWireless



Will need to update password if you change it anywhere.

Navigate to Settings


Select SabersWireless

Enter your District username (email address without @shakopee.k12.mn.us) and password 

Trust Certificate

Now connected to SabersWireless.



Will need to update password if you change it anywhere.


Student Exceptions

Medical Devices

Students that need devices connected to reliable internet to report medical data need to meet with Health Services Staff to have request put in for access.


Students that need personal devices connected to reliable internet for accommodations need to have it built into IEP/504.



Shakopee School district implements many tools to secure network to include but not limited:

  • Content Filtering all Internet connections
  • Restricting unsupported Operating Systems (ie: Windows 7 or older) from accessing Internet 
  • Restricted compromised systems from accessing Internet
    • Systems that have been detected trying to access known virus/malware domains/systems