Infinite Campus Parent Web Portal

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: December 21st, 2022

Notes for using the web version of the Infinite Campus parent portal.  More detailed information is found on the Campus Parent App page

PLEASE NOTE: Parents should have their own login. Using a student's login for the portal will not show you certain screens, such as fee payment, registration, or certain surveys.

Create a new parent account

You will be able to see attendance, grades (secondary), health information, assessments, and fees as well as check food service accounts/balances through the Parent Portal. Please set up your account using the Activation Key and steps below. 

The Activation Key is only needed the first time you access the portal. After that, the activation key will not work and the username that was created in previous school years should be used to log into the Portal. Be sure to write your username and password down and keep it in a safe location for future reference.

Activation Keys are sent home to parents in a personalized letter at the beginning of the school year. If you have not received the letter or want quicker access to your account, or just need the info again, please contact your child's school.

Step by Step Guide

1. Go to the Infinite Campus Parent portal login page. Use the Infinite Campus icon/link on the district's webpage or Visit 

2. Click New User?

3. Enter your Activation Key in the space provided and then Submit. (Reminder: This key is specific to the individual. If multiple parents want to create individual accounts, for instance, they would each have their own specific activation key.)

4. The activation key will be verified, and when approved will display a Welcome screen with your name. Enter a Username and Password and click Submit. (Password strength must be green to save)

5. Click Back to Login

6. Enter a required security email along with your password you just created. This email will be used to contact the user regarding account security and username/password recovery.

7. Click Save

Subsequent Portal Access

After the activation key has been used to create a portal account, it will no longer be valid. Parents will subsequently log in to the Campus portal using their unique User Name and Password.


Report card access

You can always check Infinite Campus to view any report cards that have been posted throughout the school year and last 2 previous historical years.

The Campus Parent link can be found on the Shakopee Schools site under popular links or directly at Infinite Campus Parent

1. Click Documents from left Navigation

2. Select/Verify you have selected the current school year > Select Report Card

3. The report card will open in a new tab where you can view, download and print


Grades Access

The Campus Parent link can be found on the Shakopee Schools site under popular links or directly at Infinite Campus Parent

1.  Click Grades from the left Navigation

2.  Show grades for a single quarter or for the whole year by selecting an option at the top
**Your selection will change the Grades view window

3.  When viewing by Quarter you can click the gray arrow to expand the subject.  This is where you will find the blue
which will bring up the Grade Key