Technology Help Resources

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: September 13th, 2023

Technology questions can take many forms, and this page is intended to help guide you to the most effective and efficient outcome for your question.


Staff who may assist with technology questions

Building Technology ParaEducators

  • All general technology functional and set-up questions.  
  • Account set up or access for all systems (excluding any software or service acquired or administered by non-technology staff, such as SpEdForms or other examples to be noted)


Blended Learning Coordinators

  • Address specific questions related to course configuration and best practices within learning management systems (Canvas, Edgenuity)
  • Address specific questions related to system tools and best practices within content management systems (Seesaw)
  • Can be consulted on technology tools to use for classroom instructional needs and projects


Learning, Teaching and Equity Coaches 

  • Support technology implementation during a coaching cycle
  • Implementation of an instructional tool/best practices/future planning
  • Helping a teacher plan for supporting students to better organize/learn


Routing your technology questions

Chart summarizing typical types of requests, which staff are in the best position to help, and how to reach out to those staff.


Instructional Technology Support
Blended Learning Coordinators (BLC: Kara Osmundson & Eric Hills)
Learning, Teaching & Equity Coaches (LTE: Jill Wimberger, Luke Meredith, Hailey Nelson, & Monica Miller)
  • Operation and set-up questions  
  • Account set up or access
  • Repair or replacement of hardware

  • Specific questions related to course configuration
  • best practices within learning and content management systems (Canvas, Edgenuity, Seesaw) 
  • tools directly related to learning and content management systems  (Canvas, Edgenuity, Seesaw) 
  • technology use and integration during coaching cycles (probationary/ articulation)
  • Implementation of a district approved instructional tool
  • lesson/unit design for tech integration
Help ticket/helpdesk email or call x5100 (Requests would be routed to BLC as needed).
Help ticket/helpdesk email (Requests would be routed to Building Tech or LTE Coach as needed).

Referral from BLC (No requests should be coming directly to LTE Coach; submit help ticket or helpdesk email). 
Initial Request Response Time
Same business day, usually within 1-2 hours.
24-48 hours and/or scheduled based on availability
Scheduled based on availability
Help staff time commitment for resolution
Request can be resolved in a session of 60 minutes or less. 
Request requires longer than 60 minutes or a multi-step process to resolve.