Written by Christopher Lee

Last published at: March 30th, 2023


FrontRow is an Audio-Visual (AV) integration system that allows users to control their projector/TV and classroom audio system using simple, user friendly controls.



As of School Year '20-'21 FrontRow systems are standard for replacement and future classroom needs.

FrontRow installations are modular and can vary in configuration / capabilities.
Most installations will have the following capabilities:

  • Touch Panel (LCD Panel)
  • Volume Knob \ Bluetooth Pairing
  • Video output (Projector\TV)
  • Audio output (Ceiling speakers)
  • Video input(s) (AppleTV\HDMI(s))

Additional capabilities when needed:

  • Lanyard Wireless Microphone for audio assistance.

Touch Panel



Touch Panel menu options vary depending on room capabilities.

Image below is for room with projector and AppleTV, this is most common configuration.

Button Function
Power  Turns TV/Projector on and off (see note below)

Switches TV/Projector input to Apple TV

Switches TV/projector input to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 wall inputs
Freeze Whatever is currently being displayed will be "frozen" on your screen until you push this button again.
Blank Display will go "black" until you push this button again.
Vol +/- Turns volume up and down.

A light, firm touch is best.   If your button press registered you will hear a beep to confirm.

If you push a button and the system doesn't respond, wait at least 3 seconds before trying again.   Keep in mind that projectors and TVs take time to turn on, so look for indicator lights on the device to confirm whether device is turning on (usually blinking light of some kind) before pushing Power button again.


Volume Knob \ Bluetooth

Turning the knob right ( + ) or left ( - ) will turn the volume of the system up or down.  (Same as Vol +/- on LCD Panel)

Pushing the knob will mute (and unmute) the volume of the system.

Bluetooth Pairing

Push the "Tap to Pair" button on the receiver.   Button will blink blue indicating device is in pairing mode.

Open bluetooth settings on the device you are trying to connect to receiver.     Look for device named "FRONTROW BT ####" and select option to connect.



Example above is an iPhone.   Other device's bluetooth settings will likely look different.

You can disconnect device from bluetooth receiver in one of two ways:

Option 1:  Go into bluetooth settings of your device and disconnect from "FRONTROW ####"

Option 2:  Push and hold "Tap to Pair" button on the receiver until blue light turns off.


Audio In / Out Ports

You can also connect your device to the receiver by connecting a standard 1/8" audio cable  to the "Audio In" port of the receiver.