Outlook for Mac: Contact Lists

Written by Chris Lee

Last published at: September 11th, 2022


Previous versions was called Contact Group



Please note: A contact group created this way "lives" on that specific device.  If the Mac is swapped out for any reason, you will lose groups created this way.

If  "Contact List" is not present or greyed out in Outlook for Mac check the following:

  1. Ensure on "old" Outlook  
    • "New Outlook" is missing many features and is not currently recommended in District.  See Microsoft Article for more information: The new Outlook for Mac
    • If you are using "New" Outlook, click on the "Outlook" menu on the left side of the menu bar and then deselect "New Outlook".  May have to do this twice for the change to take effect (initial click will usually generate a feedback pop-up screen and if you cancel out of that screen you'll need to deselect New Outlook again).
  2. "Contact List" is greyed out

Microsoft support article: Create a contact list or distribution list on Outlook for Mac.



New "Group" item is related to Microsoft 365 Groups and is blocked within the Shakopee School District environment.  View Outlook Contact Lists/Distribution Lists for more details.