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Staff Links

Delete Shakopee Bookmarks Many of the links below have been added to Google Chrome District managed bookmark folder.   If don't see in your Google Chrome Bookmark bar click here to open a ticket. A Akita Box (B&G Tickets) Assistive Tech C Canvas Canvas Community Central Duplicating D Digital Learning Coach (DLC) Support Discovery Education E Ell...

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Updated March 23rd, 2021 by Chris Lee

Limited Auto Forwarding Restrictions

To protect all parties (District / personal) auto-forwarding rules are blocked except by exception. To request exception contact Helpdesk....

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Updated January 19th, 2022 by Chris Lee

Changing Your Password

Password Sync Passwords can take up to 5 minutes to sync to Google and Office 365 (staff email) after being changed. If your password doesn't work immediately after changing it, wait a few minutes and try again Password Security Do not use use the same password on many different websites. Your school district password should not be the same password...

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Updated June 13th, 2022 by Chris Lee

File Storage

Overview The District currently has many solutions deployed for file storage ranging from on-site network drives to cloud hosted (Google "my" and "share" drives).  Each has Pros/Cons.  We will focus here on storage that physically exists somewhere other than the actual device. Local Files = Potential Data Loss Nothing important should be saved local...

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Updated October 18th, 2021 by Chris Lee

Screen Capture

You may need to take a screen capture (or screenshot or grab; different terms, same idea) of your Apple’s desktop or laptop’s screen.  Apple has a screenshot page that lists this info.  Here’s  the two most basic and commonly-used commands. Copy your entire screen Command-Shift-3 Screenshot of a portion of your screen Command-Shift-4; click and drag...

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Updated March 7th, 2022 by Chris Lee

Outlook for Mac: Contact Lists

Info Previous versions was called Contact Group Warning Please note: A contact group created this way "lives" on that specific device.  If the Mac is swapped out for any reason, you will lose groups created this way. If  "Contact List" is not present or greyed out in Outlook for Mac check the following: Ensure on "old" Outlook   "New Outlook" is mis...

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