Written by Ty Willmsen

Last published at: March 7th, 2023


Skyward is the Human Resources selected application for:

  • Employee Profile
    • demographic information
    • work assignment
  • Paycheck
  • Time Off
    • balances as of last  paycheck
  • Annual Policy


Access portal at:

All District staff have been migrated to ClassLink authentication as of 1/19/23.


Sign in with your district username and password

Skyward Portal (Direct) Login

Access portal at:

Click ClassLink button (may need to scroll down to revel on some screens)

Login is handled by ClassLink and you will sign in with you K12 email address.

Will magically allow in to Infinite Campus without additional login prompts.


ClassLink LaunchPad

Login to ClassLink LaunchPad:

Select Skyward app within Employee Self Service Folder



Demographic Information

Select Employee Profile

Click Edit next to EMPLOYEE DETAILS

Confirm, Update or Enter information: i.e. email, cell phone

1st Email Type MUST be your school email address


Click Complete & Review

Click to Confirm > Submit form


Update Emergency Contact

Select Employee Profile

Click Edit from Emergency Contact Details

Click Emergency Contact 

Start, Re-open or Continue the steps in updating your Emergency Contact(s)

Complete ONLY First Name, Last Name, Phone Type and Number

Complete & Review

Click to Confirm > Submit Form

    *This will route to HR for approval within 48 hours.  You can review/change your Emergency Contacts at any time


Assignment Details

Select Employee Profile

Under Assignment Details Click Open Details


Select Assignments

Click the arrow for More Assignment Details



Payroll Check History

**Information will NOT display in the Payroll Check History area if you have not received at least one payroll payment.


Select the Payroll Check History tile

Click the open icon (blue arrow) to the left of the check you wish to view details for 

You will see the Payroll Check Details screen, which displays pay, deduction, and benefit transactions

Deductions you may find on your paycheck:


Print Check Stub

Select the Payroll Check History tile

Click the drop-down icon to the left of the check you wish to print 

  Print Check Stub

Indicate how you want the Social Security Number to display by selecting the radio button > Next 


Print Check Stub 

A new browser tab will open with the paystub for printing 
Close the browser tab 
Click Close to return to the Payroll Check History screen


Forms & Policies

W2/W2-C Forms

Select Electronic W2

Click the expander arrow to Print

Enter SSN number to authenticate > Click Next

Click Next to Print

A new browser tab will open with the W2 for printing 
Close the browser tab 
Click Close to return to the W2 Forms


W2 Opt Out of Mailed Form

Select green W2-Opt Out of Mailed Form 

Click No

Submit Form


Mandatory Policy Review

***HR will communicate when the policy review opens & closes for various staff at the beginning of a school year. 

Employees are required by state to annually review selected District and Board policies. Our policies provide our employees with important information regarding Shakopee Public Schools and guidelines for employment. The annual policy review only covers a few selected policies, if you would like to review all of the District and Board policies they are conveniently posted for all employees and the public to review online at: . These policies are not intended to be all-inclusive and may change so we encourage you to periodically visit this website to review.

This task can take up to an hour to complete dependent upon your familiarity with these policies.  

Select Annual Policy Review 

Read and Review each policy (step) by downloading the PDF file

Electronically Sign

Submit Form




Security Settings


Skyward notices are sent to all emails with user profile.


Skyward rolled out account notifications Summer '22 to include following:

  • New Device login
  • Account Locked
  • Password (local) changed

Mobile App

Navigate to your application store to install the Skyward Mobile Access app for Android or iOS

Launch the Skyward Mobile Access App 
    Android device, you see the Add an Account screen 
    iOS device, you see the Locate District screen. (example shown)

Select the district search option to locate the district you wish to set up an account for.

Search using the location, postal code, or district name:   
    If you choose to search using location, the results you see are determined by your device's current location within a 50-mile radius.  
    If you choose to search using a postal code, the results you see are determined based on the postal code you enter within a 50-mile radius. 
    If you choose to search using district name, you can enter text to limit the results 

This process follows the "By School District" for Android and "by District Name" for iOS options

Depending on your device and the search option you chose, you may need to tap Enter to load your search 

Select the district's name 
    If you are using an Android device, you see the Select a Product screen. 
    If you are using an iOS device, you see the Select Product screen 

Select Business Management 
Employee Access

Select All users for role

Select ClassLink for Method

Sign in with Microsoft account (

Enter a 4-digit passcode

Re-Enter your 4 digit passcode

Select whether you wish to require a passcode right away or after 10 minute of inactivity.

    If you choose After 10 Minutes, you only need to enter the passcode if you have been away from the app for more 
    than 10 minutes. If you choose Right Away for Android or Require Right Away for iOS, you must enter the 
    passcode every time you open the app

Open your Account