XtraMath for Jackson and Sun Path ELEM

How to use XtraMath with Clever

Written by Ty Willmsen

Last published at: November 23rd, 2021

Connect existing XtraMath with Clever

Here is how you can connect your existing XtraMath teacher account with Clever:Panel content

  1. Go to the Clever website and log in as a teacher with your computer username and password. Click on Library, and search for XtraMath. You can also go directly to clever.com/library/xtramath.
  2. On the XtraMath page in the Library, click on Install XtraMath. Then click Homeroom in the top right. Under Newly Added you should see an XtraMath icon — click that.
  3. In a new window you’ll get a permission page asking if XtraMath can create accounts for you. Click Allow and continue. It will open XtraMath.
  4. Provide your XtraMath credentials to connect the two accounts — or, if you’re new to XtraMath, provide the necessary information to create your teacher account.
  5. Once you sign in to XtraMath you will see a message that your account is being provisioned from Clever. In a few seconds you will see the classes from your Clever roster.
  6. From now on, you should sign in to XtraMath only through Clever. That way, each time you sign in we will get updated rostering information from Clever and can keep your roster synchronized with Clever.

Already using XtraMath

If your students have used XtraMath already, this may result in duplicate student accounts. In this case, your students' previous accounts can be found in their previous classroom tabs. Their new accounts will be found in tabs corresponding to your Clever classes. Your students will access these accounts by signing in with Clever. Students using a new account will need to take a Placement Quiz again - this can take 1 to 3 sessions. After the quiz they will resume Progress Quizzes and Practices with a set of facts appropriate to their current fluency. Once you're satisfied with your newly rostered classes, you may remove your previous classes from your account.

Students may sign in through their Clever portal or via our student sign-in page, using either Clever or their new XtraMath credentials. If students sign in with XtraMath credentials, please ensure students use the name and PIN corresponding to their new accounts so that their work is recorded to the correct, Clever-linked account.


Attach my teacher account to a school license

When a school or district purchases a license, they get a Teacher Access Code that allows teachers to be attached to the license.

The first time you sign in after creating a new teacher account, you can choose to continue with a Basic license, purchase a Premium license, or apply your school or district’s Teacher Access Code. Enter the code and you will be attached to the license. This will give your account access to all the Premium license features, such as offline resources and customer support.

If you already have an account, you can still attach yourself to the license with the Teacher Access Code. Sign into your teacher account and click the License tab (this is next to Add Class; if you don't see this tab yet, refresh the page). Paste your Teacher Access Code into the field and click Apply Code.


Add or Remove Student

If you need to add a student or move one to a different class, those changes must be made in the rostering application such as ClassLink or Infinite Campus.


Share my class with a co-teacher

You cannot share your class via XtraMath.  Instead, Technology will need to add the other teacher as a co-teacher within the rostering application. Once they do so, the other teacher will also have access to your class.  Please submit a Helpdesk request to add a co-teacher to your XtraMath class.


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