Software Subscriptions

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: September 28th, 2022

This page should still be considered a rough draft and will be refined as we pursue our software review process.


BrainPop has educational videos for a variety of subject areas.  The audience for this site is K-8 students.
Common Sense Media overview of BrainPop
Student Login: Students should use the Clever portal and their default username and password. Begin login process from BrainPop app (acquired via self service). Select Login, then Clever Login, (on first time use, may need to enter and select school name prior to getting to screen in clever where they select LDAP login). Account should be their usual ID and password.
Staff Login:  Staff will also login/authenticate via Clever portal, using their usual district username and password.

Current licensing runs through June 2022, except for Eagle Creek with next scheduled renewal in November 2022:

Building BrainPop and BrainPop Jr BrainPop ELL
Eagle Creek Yes No
Jackson No tbd
Red Oak No tbd
Sun Path No tbd
Sweeney No tbd
East No tbd
West No tbd


Smore Newsletters

Prior to 2021-2022, many individual accounts were created.  Based on requests for additional accounts and current expenditures, the district has acquired licensing for all staff.

A district-specific login link will be sent to staff in order to join our licensed version of the program.

Existing users should use their current account credentials to log in.  We are looking into additional options for migrating accounts, however, any previously created work should come over with your account.  Note that this will not necessarily be true if a non-district account was used.

Staff who are totally new users of Smore should use the Google login option.

Mailing Lists in Smore

While the option exists to create a mailing list in Smore, we request that you do NOT create any at this time. Please use existing tools to actually send a newsletter, preferably the Messenger option in Infinite Campus. There is no advantage to trying to maintain multiple mailing lists for anyone. If you believe that a parent contact (for instance) is not accurate or up to date in Infinite Campus, please work with your school office to have it corrected or updated.

Licensed Buildings/Users: All Buildings / All Staff.



See IXL notes for login information.

K-5 licensing runs through summer 2024

West and HS licensing runs through summer 2023

Building IXL Math IXL ELA
Eagle Creek Yes No
Jackson Yes No
Red Oak Yes No
Sun Path Yes Yes: 4th and 5th grade
Sweeney Yes Yes
East No No
West Yes Yes
High School SpEd only SpEd Only