Toby Chrome Extension

Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: May 27th, 2021

What is Toby?

Toby is a way to manage and organize your browser tabs for quick and easy access to frequently visited websites. Organize your tabs, organize your life! 

Why is Toby great tool?

Reducing open tabs in Chrome minimizes clutter, increases productivity, and helps your computer run faster. Toby is a great alternative to using bookmarks because your favorite websites can be accessed in just one click. 

You can create collections for a particular lesson or unit. You can share and collaborate with your PLC or make one collection public and share with students. Add websites, docs, and notes. Students could collect research on a topic, add notes, then share with their teacher or peers as a link or a Toby collection. Students could share collections and work in collaborative groups on a research project.

How do I use it?

Written Directions

1. Go to the Chrome Extension Web Store and click on the Add to Chrome, green button.

2. Once added, every time you open a new tab, Toby will appear. Even in this view, you will still have access to all your bookmarks.

3. On the right hand side you will see all the sites you currently have open. Find the pink add button located near the bottom right in order to organize some of those sites into one similar category.

4. When you hover over the list of current tabs open, a hand will appear. Click and hold on the site that you want categorized and drop them into the dotted box or the category you just created. Add as many sites as you want to the category.

5. If you hover over the site, a “pencil” and “x” will show up. The “pencil” allows you to change the name of your site. The “x” removes the site from your collection.

6. On the right hand side of each category you will see three dots. These are options to remove the category, change the title, or add a note to the collection. Collaborate with your colleagues by using the share button. Note that your colleagues must have Toby installed in order to be able to share your Toby collections.

Video Directions

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