Written by Eric Hills

Last published at: October 19th, 2021

What is Notability?

Notability is a note-taking and PDF annotation tool. It allows you to start from scratch on a note or open existing PDFs, add text, handwritten notes, shapes, and pictures. It can also be used to scan documents or insert pictures to create PDF files, which then can be annotated.

Why use it?

Notability is a great tool to reduce the use of paper in your classroom, but that is not the only reason to use it. Teachers can create documents or graphic organizers from Google Docs or Slides, download them as PDFs, and send to students via Canvas or Seesaw. It gives you the advantage over traditional paper because you can highlight in all sorts of colors, insert multimedia, and erase mistakes.

How do I use it?

Written Directions

1. On the home screen of the Notability app, it is recommended that you create subjects. Subjects act like folders that allow you to sort your notes more easily. You can then use dividers (such as the year) to place subjects inside. Tap the + sign to create a subject or divider.

2. Tap on the pencil icon to create a note, or open your files from Canvas/Seesaw into Notability.

3. Once you have created a note, there are a number of tools you can use. Hover your mouse over the buttons in the screenshot below to learn how to learn what it does.

4. When you are done with your note, tap the share button, Other Apps, and then Share Note to export to Google Drive, Canvas, etc. If you want it to be editable in Notability in the future, chose Note as the format instead of PDF.

Video Directions

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