Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: October 29th, 2021

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a video-based reflection tool. It allows you to create a grid (class) and then different topics for kids to post short videos to. It can be used for video exit tickets, uploading video projects for others to see, and even connecting with other classes across the globe. It can be used on any device, in any class, at every level of education from Early Childhood to teacher professional development.

Why use it?

Flipgrid is simple and powerful. Any classroom can use it! It allows you to hear the voices of every student in your classroom. Students can reply directly to each other's videos. Students get to practice their communication skills and then have a little fun with a selfie (with drawings and stickers) at the end of each post. It can also be a place to have students post their video projects so other students can view them and respond with comments or feedback.

How do I use it?

Decision Tree
Do you want your Flipgrid to display (and be graded) in Canvas?
  • Yes!
  • No, this is ungraded or for students not using Canvas.
  • Add Button
You will need to install the Flipgrid app in your Canvas course following the directions in the video below or use these written directions. These are the only directions you need to follow so do not follow the directions listed below.

Select the directions you'd like to follow to use Flipgrid outside of Canvas.

1. Create your account. Go to flipgrid.com and sign in using your Google Account.

Add in your personal information and put Shakopee Public Schools in the School/Organization field.

2. Create a group. Click the blue Create a Group button. Think of a group as a class. You can choose to do a group per class period or for all your classes if you want students to see each other's posts across your classes.

You'll have the option to share the grid with your School/Email Domain (which is @shakopeeschools.org). You can also set a password for your group if you want to.

3. Create a topic.
A topic is a prompt that students can respond to with a video. Once submitted, they can view and comment on other student's videos.

4. Share your topic. 
Click on the Share button and copy the link. You can paste it into an email, Canvas, or Seesaw.

Check out the latest updates (Fall 2021): 


Use lenses (similar to SnapChat or TikTok) to add additional creativity to your video submissions! Or choose a backdrop to hide your background/transport you to a far away place.


Add background music to videos

There are 30+ instrumental tracks you can add as background music to your videos. It's a great way for students to express themselves and also helps out if they have background noise when recording.


Creative Options

Add images, text, drawings, stickers, GIFs, or use a whiteboard when making videos. This instantly turns your videos into a newscast, weather report, math tutorial video, or just a creative work of art!

Additional Resources: