Chatterpix Kids

Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: August 12th, 2021

What is it?

Chatterpix Kids is an iPad app ideal for students in Early Childhood and elementary. With Chatterpix Kids, you can take a photo of any object and make it talk! Students can record 30 seconds of narration and there are options to use filters and add stickers.

Why use it?

ChatterPix Kids is a fun and easy app that can be used across subject areas to demonstrate student learning in a creative way. Because of the limited time (30 seconds) to speak, students must choose their words carefully and concisely to convey their message. 

How do I use it?

Written Directions

1. Take a photo.

2. Draw a line where you want the character to speak.

3. Press the red record button and record your voice in 30 seconds or less. Press the orange stop button when you are finished.

4. Optional: Choose filters or stickers, add text or frames.

5. Tap next and save to your Camera Roll!

Video Directions

Coming soon!