Adobe Spark Page

Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: August 19th, 2021

What is it?

Adobe Spark Page is a web-based tool and an iPad app which allows the creator to make a digital web story. This is a fabulous resource to create newsletters, reports, or storytelling projects. There are multiple templates and styles to choose from.  Select a template and customize fonts, colors, video and imagery, or start from scratch. Read more about Adobe Spark.

Why use it?

Imagery greatly contributes to story-telling and communication, and this app is very visually oriented. The products that are created are easy to share and look very professional. Use Adobe Spark Page to create newsletters for your classroom, or to have your students create interactive reports, portfolios, simple web pages, or for any digital storytelling project.

How do I use it?

The district creates Adobe IDs for all students which are already licensed for Adobe Spark. If you don't use the provided account, Spark may not work. 

Instructions for student login to Adobe Spark

Written Directions

Get started on a MacBook: Login to Adobe Spark and click the blue "+" to create a new project and select Web page. 

Get started on an iPad: Download Adobe Spark Page from Self Service. Click Log In using Adobe ID or Education account. Use your Shakopee Schools email address and password to log in. Create a new project by tapping the blue "+" and select Web page.

Adding, editing, and sharing content.

1. Select a theme or start from scratch. Themes dictate fonts, colors, and the overall feel of the webpage you're designing.

2. Click the "+" to add elements you wish to incorporate into your Spark Page. Adobe has a photo gallery you can use to enhance your webpage, or upload your own photo. Be sure to check out the glideshow feature. It's fancy!

3. Select "preview" at any time to view your work.

4. When you're finished, select "Publish and Share Link."

If using the web version of Adobe Spark, do not share the URL you see when editing. That will not be viewable by other people. Be sure to click on Share and copy the link provided.

Video Directions

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