Adobe Spark

Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: August 13th, 2021

What is it?

Adobe Spark is an incredible creation tool that is very easy for both students and teachers to use. Adobe Spark offers three different iPad apps, all available in Self Service. Adobe Spark is also a web-based creation tool allowing students to create graphics, web pages, and videos.

Why use it?

Spark Post is great for creating flyers, posters, collages and infographics. Teachers could create a Spark Page to produce a visually enhanced lesson plan. Or students could create a Spark Page as a visual way to present research or explain a problem. Spark Video allows you to add voice, music, and pictures to slides which are then strung together as a video. Adobe Spark provides lots of templates to generate ideas for your creations.

How do I use it?

The district creates Adobe IDs for all students which are already licensed for Adobe Spark. If you don't use the provided account, Spark may not work. 

Instructions for student login to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is now integrated with Canvas. One great feature is the ability to create a "template" Spark project in an assignment. Just go to the editing toolbar and find the external tools. When you click on Adobe Spark a pop-up will open and prompt you to select a current project or create something new. You can use a template, customize a template, or attach a blank project. Whatever you choose will be embedded in the page. assignment, or quiz and students will be prompted to make a copy.

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