Professional Learning Management

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: December 9th, 2021

New Class Enrollment

1. Here's an example of a typical e-mail you would receive letting you know that you have been enrolled in a class:

If you have any questions about these requests, please contact your Professional Development Staff
Greetings (Staff Name),
Your upcoming Activities in the next 5 days:
Date(s) | Title | Meeting Dates/Times | Location/Session
8/23/2021 | Bloodborne Pathogens for School Employees (Admin/DO) 21-22 |  | -Unknown-
Login to Frontline Professional Learning Management by going to

2. To access Frontline, log in using your usual Frontline credentials.  Choose Professional Growth in the drop down at the top left of the screen.

3. Available classes are listed in the "Learning Plan" section.

Classes waiting to be taken (example shown below) should be listed under "Approved and/or In-Progress"

4. To start a class, click on the button to the left of the class name ("Manage" as shown in screenshot above).

5. On the next screen, in the list of Actions, choose "Launch Activity" to begin the class.

6. When you launch the course (especially if it is the first one you have taken) it is possible that you will get a "pop-up blocked" message.

You may also (or instead) see a little icon like this up in the website address bar, generally near the far right.

Click the icon and choose to "Always allow pop-ups..." from the site.  Then click Done.

You should then be able to launch the course.  Occasionally you may need to choose the allow pop-ups option multiple times.

NOTE: Do not sign yourself up for a course unless directed to do so.  In general, you will be pre-enrolled in course content and receive an e-mail notification letting you know that you have been signed up for something and the window of time when the course is available.


Updating Email Preferences

Login to Frontline
My Info > My PG Profile

Change all Email Notification Preferences to Yes (one consolidated email will be sent at 11 PM CST for any notifications)

Pending Approval Notification: Approvers will receive emails when items are pending their approval. (This setting is only viewable to those with District Admin rights) 

New Activity Notification: You will receive emails when new activities have been posted to the catalog. 

Approval Notification: You will receive emails when requests are approved

Upcoming Activities Reminder: You will receive emails that remind you of upcoming activities.

# days prior to: This number specifies the amount of days prior to an activity that email reminders will begin. Only numbers less than or equal to 14 may be input. Decimals can be input but are rounded to whole numbers. 

Notify upon Team Room Posting: (currently not using but check Yes for any future use)

Email Address (only changes for Professional Growth NOT Absences)

HTML Formatted Message? Selected, emails are formatted like a web page, using colors, graphics, table columns, and link. If "No" is selected, only plain text emails are sent.