Canvas Groups

Use Groups for Long-Term Collaborative Projects

Written by Kara Osmundson

Last published at: October 18th, 2021

What are Groups?

Canvas Groups are a means to creating groups for collaborative work in long-term projects. Students are given a workspace that is almost like a mini-course that they can add files to, create Pages in, and it also lets them submit an assignment as a group. They are best used for long-term collaborative projects as they do take some time to get set up. (If you are looking to differentiate assignments, consider using Sections instead.)

Why use Groups?

Once you have set up your groups, you can reuse them easily in many places in Canvas. They can be use to facilitate group submission of assignments, schedule appointments, and assignment Collaborations. You can also allow students to create their own groups if you choose.

How do I use it?

Video Directions

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