Written by Eric Hills

Last published at: February 15th, 2022

What is Boost?

Boost is an iPad and smartphone app that allows you to sign in with your Canvas account and then receive proactive notifications for your courses. The notifications are sent before your Canvas assignments are due, increasing the likelihood that assignments will be submitted on time. In addition, students can create their own school-related reminders in the planner portion of the app. 

Why use it?

According to a study of college students (linked on their website), there was a significant impact on grades when utilizing this tool. The proactive nature of the notifications encourage students to stick to deadlines and the planner helps them stay organized and plan ahead to complete work on time.

How do I use it?

Written Directions

Download Boost for your iPad (available in Self Service) or smartphone. It is available for iPhone or Android devices. Open the app and tap on Sign in with Canvas.

Tap on Shakopee School District

Tap on Continue

Sign in with your Canvas Account

Tap on Authorize

Boosts are a list of notifications you will receive

Tapping on the Planner will allow you to create a custom reminder, choose its due date, set an alert time, and choose a class to is for.

If you tap in the upper right corner, you can open the Settings for your account. It allows you to customize which notifications you receive and log out.

Video Directions

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