Paraeducator Device Requests

Written by Bryan Drozd

Last published at: September 30th, 2021

This article explains the device allocation requirements for paraeducators. Devices are allocated based on job function, curriculum need, and sustainability over time.  

The specific daily tasks of a paraeducator can vary quite a bit depending on the classroom setting in which they work, the students they assist, and the expectations of the teacher(s) to whom they are assigned.  The process we have developed bears no reflection on the value of the paraeducator staff and the work they do, and it is really a matter of logistics and the ability to accurately gauge our inventory and appropriately budget for and maintain it over time.

We have established a practice where requests for a paraeducator to have a device must come from the certified teacher with whom they have the most contact.  The staff making the request need to provide a rationale supporting the need for the device and outlining the expectations for using it for student support.

To be clear - requests come from certified staff, not the paraeducator, and not from building administration.  The expectation is for the certified staff member to be able to articulate the need and own the responsibility for use, therefore it would be inappropriate for anyone else to speak for that staff. 

In most cases, the assigned device needs to be returned to building technology staff at the end of the school year. If a device is needed the following school year a new request needs to be made. Technology will reference the original request to expedite the approval process. 

Requests can be made via a help desk ticket ( and should include the supporting rationale.